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Who can I help?

• Accountant
• Lawyer
• Doctor
• Contractor
• Charitable Organization
• Arbitrator
• Entrepreneur
• Writer
• Small Business
• ...to name a few

How can I help?

I offer off-site or virtual assistance with everyday and occasional business administration tasks. Also at my Toronto office, I cater to the needs of individuals who don't have computer skills or Internet access, aiding them with letter writing, filling out forms, penning memoirs, and online communication, for example.

All my services are tailored to the needs of my individual clients who pay only for the time actually needed for their particular job requirements, although some pay a monthly retainer because they are more comfortable with that type of arrangement. It's up to you!

More specifically, I can undertake:
Correspondence by mail/e-mail
Preparation and filing of GST/HST returns
Provision of a mailing address
Monthly bank account reconciliation
Report-writing/word processing
Organization/record management